Luxury Villas Renting Internship

2 positions in Barcelona center
11 Apr 2018

Luxury Villas Renting Internship

What is Unique Retreats (UR)
We represent luxury villas owners and managers and provide sales & marketing services to generate value bookings with a set of tools, skills and brand association.

Vision Statement
To be the pre-eminent luxury “villa marketing service provider” in the vacation rental market creating financial and brand sustainability that is second to none.

Internship mission statement
In close co-operation with the principals of the brand, engage in all sales & marketing activities for a specific selection of properties within UR portfolio.

This shall include, and may not be limited to :
1. Continuous research for new booking partners and set up of agency agreement
2. Plan, prepare and deliver regular email newsletter in multiple languages (EN, CN, RU) on a weekly basis
3. Update management systems and other extranet with information as relevant
4. Plan, prepare and deliver regular blog articles for some clients and or the company
5. Coordinate with the membership team about the release of special offers, new properties
6. Contribute to update our social media and marketing strategy to expand the online visibility of the brand and membership (management of such strategy will be dealt with separately)

Other information
1. Internship period is minimum 6 month as a full time position; Office base is in Barcelona
2. Regular reporting and time management is expected
3. All strategy and propositions must be validated with clear reporting of pro/cons and realistic budgets in order to ensure sustainability of the strategy, brand and membership
4. It is expected that the outcome of the membership and environment created around it during the internship is of the highest level of sustainability and in line with brand existing and future legacy
5. High command of English and business ethos is a must and, while being mentored during the internship, candidates are expected to show they can take responsibilities and work
6. Candidates with previous experience in an ONG or non-for-profit organisation will be preferred
7. Stipend: 300 euros/month

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