Reception internship in a hostel chain

19 Jul 2018

Reception internship in a hostel chain

Our collaborator is a hostel chain who owns 4 different hostels in Barcelona City Centre.
They are really close with their customers and for them maintaining a high level of satisfaction is the key to this business.

They are looking for an intern to assist in the reception of some of their different hostels in Barcelona:


  • Studies related to tourism or hospitality
  • High level of English (written and spoken)
  • Other northeuropean languages are appreciated.
  • You must have a high knowledge of Excel and Word.
  • You must know tools such as a channel manager and a PMS.
  • Minimum 3 months, longer stays are a plus.
  • Currently living in Barcelona


  • Working hours are 40 hours distributed in shifts of 8 hours a day with two days of rest per week.
  • During each shift there are 20 paid rest minutes.


  • the basic stipend is € 700.
  • As the company really cares about customer satisfaction they will provide extras depending on hotels ratings. If you help to maintain customer satisfaction, € 50 will be provided if the hostel’s rating is maintained (8.1) and if a point is raised, that month there will be € 100 extra.

In case the student has previous experience in a hostel, higher salary may be provided.

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