Assistant Tours and Activities Coordinator

Craft Tours, Barcelona
9 Aug 2018

Assistant Tours and Activities Coordinator, Craft Tours

Craft Tours is a young and dynamic company present in Madrid and Barcelona that promotes ecological and socially responsible tourism. Our professional activity involves different areas: the promotion of free tours, added value craft tours, private tours for companies, students, private groups, and other entertainment activities in Madrid and Barcelona.

Constantly growing, and adapting to new situations, we are looking for new graduates with previous professional experience seeking for their opportunity in the Travel and Tourism sector. We are currently looking for a Tour & Activities Coordinator to manage the daily operations in Barcelona.

This requires you to be self-organized, analytical, people oriented, gracious, open to feedback, and of course ambitious and looking to grow both professionally and personally. If you believe you can deliver on these expectations at Craft Tours then you will have a world of opportunity at your door.

This position involves working outdoors and indoors, interacting with travelers from all over the world, and working with local partners and freelance guides to ensure the proper organization and smooth running of the daily tours and activities offered in Barcelona.  That’s why emotional intelligence, and communication skills are also indispensable for the profile we are looking to include in our team.

The selected candidate should:

  • Have / Be studying a bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality, Business Admin., Economics (or similar)
  • Be organized, efficient, and analytical
  • Be social, gracious, and have a strong sense of customer service
  • Be able to present ideas clearly and concisely, practice active listening skills
  • Have natural leadership skills, above all towards charismatic people
  • Have previous cash handling work experience
  • Be computer literate, mandatory HIGH level in Excel
  • Be able to use modern technology efficiently
  • Be active in social media and aware of social media trends
  • Speak at least English and Spanish fluently


  • Manage the daily tours and activities (operations department)
  • Ensure the smooth running of the Tours’ Start Point
  • Assist with the company’s Social Media Management (marketing department)
  • Assist with the company’s Partner Relations (business development)
  • Conduct and analyze market research, looking to give accurate conclusions and actionable recommendations

Schedule: 32h/week (4 days per week, 8h/day)

Remuneration: 950€/month gross

If you are looking for a professional opportunity in the travel and tourism sector, and you honestly consider that you match the profile, don’t hesitate to apply!

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