Kitchen Staff, Housekeeping, F&B, Door man

11 Oct 2019

Kitchen Staff, Housekeeping, F&B, Door man, Japan

KPG Hotel & Resort is a group that is located in Japan. Since its founded in 1962, the Kato Pleasure Group has utilized its decades of experience and wide-ranging network to develop its enterprise spanning hotels, inns, food service, public resorts, spas and entertainment under the concept of realizing comprehensive leisure business development. We believe that a major point in our business successful is to have firm have a grasp of the culture, customs and history of each location, as well as to be rooted in and loved by the community.

We have 4 hotels that are looking for internship.
The Jobs are will be kitchen staff, F&B, Door staff and House Keeping.
Regardless of gender, we are looking to accept 3-5 interns every 6 months throughout the year.

We offer:

  • accommodation with free electricity and utilities
  • 1 free meal every day that they are working.

We are asking for our interns to buy their own plane ticket round trip, as our hotel won’t shoulder it.

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