Erasmus+ Internship - Administration

12 Nov 2019

Erasmus+ Internship – Administration, Malta

General information
Both short term (4-12 weeks) and long term (4 months+) required



Paragon Europe is a leading host agency managing successful Internship programmes through various EU mobility projects such as Erasmus Plus, Youth Guarantee, Staff Mobility and National and Regional Operation Projects since 2006, acting primarily as a receiving intermediary organization in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Program. Our organization continuously strives to find the best work placements for students to obtain the most appropriate hands-on experience during their internship in Malta.
Office Administrator / Business Administration
Skills and Areas
An Intern will be involved in the following processes:
• Providing administrative support to the department to ensure that it is maintained in an effective, up to date and accurate manner;
• Assisting in the preparing of correspondence, emails, reports and other documents;
• Maintaining organisation of office documents, files and confidential records (hard copy and e-copy);
• Handling general day-to-day administration of the office;
• Placing follow up calls, handling incoming and outgoing phone calls, direct calls and handling as required;
• Supporting the department in other administrative tasks as required.
This can be applied for future jobs in such areas as office administration, localisation, project management and others not limited to any particular sector.The Intern will gain professional experience in staff management and direct sales, improve communication skills, presentation, reporting etc. We will provide the following training: using office equipment and software, communication guidelines when dealing with customers, writing business letters and emails.
This is an unpaid internship. The payment is assumed by educational institution, scholarship fund or an Intern themselves. The company may decide at its own discretion to pay the Intern some bonuses relating to their performance and achievements in a form of pocket expenses. Accommodation can be arranged by the company in self-catering apartments at a fee.
The Intern should provide a sample agreement from their educational institution or authority paying for the scholarship. If the Intern is applying directly, the company will send its own agreement to sign.
Skills Required
• Communication skills: the Intern will be working with business and private customers experience language barriers
• Language skills: English must be fluent
• Friendliness, self-motivation
• Knowledge of standard computer navigation and programs such as Internet browsers and Microsoft Office suite is required with average typing speed.
Students ideally from business studies, economics and similar courses. Previous computer courses will be a benefit.
You are:
• ready to work in a team and take responsibility for his own actions
• a person who can do one task at a time to provide the best quality of performance
• always willing to self-develop, discover something new and never stop learning
• honest and open-minded for sharing your knowledge and experience

Contract Type
Type: Full Time
Days per week: 5 (Monday – Friday)
Office working hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Working hours: 40 hours / week

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