Finance and Business Analyst Internship

9 Dec 2019

Finance and Business Analyst Internship, Barcelona

Placement International is a cultural exchange program company specialized in the hospitality industry. We offer positions for highly educated students and
young professionals to do paid internships, management training programs in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants around the world. We have over ten
years of experience that help reinforce our network within the hospitality industry and work with high-end hospitality properties, top international hotel
chains including Michelin-star Chefs.


As the Assistant Director of operations, you will be tasked with overseeing and maintaining the daily operations of the office. You will also be in charge of
supervising company accounts while supporting upper management. P.I is looking for an adaptive, dynamic and forward thinking individual who will be able up to
the challenge of managing a demanding workload. At the end of each year, you will be responsible for P.I’s annual financial statement ensuring that all client and
partner payments have been fulfilled.


❖ Weekly tracking and reviewing clients and partner’s payments
❖ Tracking expenditures and keep bank statements updated
❖ Preparing the Financial Statement at the end of the year
❖ Researching international Career Fair opportunities.
❖ Administering the recruitment and on boarding process of new employees
❖ New employee’s first day training
❖ Assisting Director of International Operations
❖ Maintaining the office


❖ Well-spoken and polished presentation
❖ Fluent English and strong writing skills
❖ Spanish and/or French desired
❖ Extremely organized and attentive to detail
❖ Internationally minded
❖ Creative and hardworking
❖ Excel, Word, basic Photoshop and Acrobat knowledge

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