Chinese - Commercial Internship

Madrid, Spain
15 Jun 2020

Chinese – Commercial Internship in Madrid, Spain

Our collaborator is a company born in early 2000 with the purpose of offering comprehensive solutions for the organization and distribution of medication at a professional or user level. The company has grown since then positioning itself as a benchmark in the market of clinical furniture and hospital logistics, and of course, in the pillbox trade.

Their competitive advantage resides fundamentally in these points: experience, customized solutions, quality, and our own factory.

Their products include more than 500 references ranging from pill boxes to emergency cars, to pharmacy cabinets, multifunctional cars …

Tasks at the company:

  • Helping with national and international commercial affairs.
  • Working with teamleader CRM.
  • Attending incoming leads and opening opportunities.
  • Forwarding incidents to the appropriate department.


  • Studies related
  • Minimum 3 months
  • Chinese advanced
  • English advanced

TRAINING AGREEMENT *provided in application* signed by your educational institution.

300 € per month


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