Food & Beverage Internship

Mercer Hotel 5*GL, Barcelona
15 Jul 2022

Food & Beverage Internship, Mercer Hotel 5*GL, Barcelona

In food and beverage, your main duties depend on where you will be working.
Mostly your duties will include:

  • Greeting guests,
  • presenting them with the menu and informing guests about the specialties of the day and menu changes if any,
  • preparing set-ups for tables,
  • performing cleaning tasks as needed or directed by a supervisor,
  • communicating with guests and providing assistance with their requests,
  • managing guest inquiries,
  • coordinating with the kitchen/bar staff to ensure smooth operation and guests’ satisfaction,
  • handling complaints and informing your supervisor about them.

Also, your duties might include:

  • a la carte restaurant service (usually only to the more experienced trainees),
  • bar service,
  • preparing different drinks
  • buffet restaurant service.
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