English teacher/Speaking in an Academy

26 Jul 2022

English teacher/Speaking in an Academy, Seville

Our partner is the academy is what you are looking for

Their admissions process is designed to get to know the student and their family so that they can respond to their needs, taking into account the individual differences of each new student and the diverse expectations and motivations that bring them to our school.

Their challenge is to train men and women who, above all, develop their self-leadership: self-knowledgeable, in order to know others, be self-confident and aware of their vulnerability and imperfections, which will provide them with the tools to be assertive, empathize and generate appropriate synergies.


  • Assisting classes for optimal results.
  • Aiding students with aspects such as pronunciation and grammar.
  • Enriching the students’ knowledge of English culture and values.
  • Facilitating activities such as group tasks.


  • English as advanced level
  • Studies related to education or the English language or previous teaching experience.

Benefits: 100€/month + Breakfast + Lunch

Internship hours: 25-35 hours/week

Availability: Sept 2022 – June 2023.

Location: Sevilla

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