Restaurant and Hotel Staff

Austria, Netherlands, France
7 Nov 2022

Restaurant and Hotel Staff in Austria, Netherlands, France

RESTAURANT & HOTEL STAFF (waiters, cooks, chefs, dishwashers) in the Netherlands, Austria, France

Job Trust is hiring waiters and cooks for restaurants, hotels, and holiday parks around the Netherlands, Austria, and France!

Job Duration:

The Netherlands: from the mid of August or later for 6+ months

Austria: from November to April

France: from November to April or longer


  • Cooks (head chef and sous chef, help cooks, sushi cooks, pizza chefs, breakfast cooks, etc.)
  • Waiters
  • Dishwashers
  • Other (Housekeeping, Receptionists)


The salaries are 1.600-2.300E per month + 18% extra holiday money + tips.

Accommodation in the Netherlands in some of cases is free and in some other cases, it costs 100-400E per month per person.

Shared accommodation in Austria and France is provided free on-site + meals


  • Good knowledge of English
  • French language for France and German language for Austria advisable
  • Previous working experience is advisable
  • EU Nationality
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