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Business, tourism, and hospitality are the highest employment generators but they also demand quality manpower. With this in mind, HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages offers a series of study programs of Business, Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Among the objectives of the school are:

  • To produce high-quality research, emphasizing both societal and industry needs.
  • To develop and offer post-graduate, bachelor’s degree, diploma and certificate programs independently and in collaboration with national and international institutions/organizations/industry.
  • To offer capacity-building training programs, on-the-job training programs, entrepreneurial development programs and management development programs for various levels, independently and in collaboration with national and international institutions/ organizations/ industry.

All our programs were developed in consultation with experts from the tourism industry, industry associations, and academicians. All faculty members of the School are fully qualified and experienced in several businesses, marketing and tourism-related areas like business administration, digital marketing, hotel management, F&B, travel agent, tour operators, DMC, events production or sales and marketing.

Our School aims to create the perfect blend of knowledge, practical experience and relevance to equip its students with the confidence and skills they need to get ahead in the world of work. Not only are employability skills embedded into every course, but the sector-defining ‘future’ careers and employability service offers help and advice, courses and work experience opportunities to help our students’ CVs stand out from the pack.

It is difficult to answer the question “how we are”, so we will tell you “what we are”:

We are optimization: Our task is not to kill your time, giving you as much theory as possible, but to teach you the most useful information, that you will need in your professional life. To do this, we always listen to you carefully, and we are optimizing our study plans accordingly, it may change in order to adapt it to everyone’s needs as much as possible.

We are the reality: Our teachers are not just professors, with a lot of scientific publications, they are Young and energetic people, with experience in different spheres of Hospitality, Tourism and Business administration. They will guide you through this world, not reading the information from the books published in 1968, but providing you the real-life examples and advice.

We are eco: We have elaborated a strict Corporate Responsibility Policy that includes ecology, social and economic spheres, trying to reduce the use of white paper, and if needed, use the recycled one. We are transforming all provided study resources into digital, starting from the brochures with our course information to the books and material we use in class.

We are innovation: While the world is waiting for augmented reality, we are moving towards it, connecting our three campuses in one class!. We hope that in some years there will be no difference, whether you are in Barcelona, Valencia or Madrid, we can all be together.

We are family: That´s why our team is small and we are keeping it this way. Coming from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds we are passionate about the world of Hospitality, Tourism, Business and Languages and that unites us. We try to treat each of our students personally, as much as we can (but we are not almighty).

So if you want to come to classes just to sleep somewhere on the back row or to show to your parents that you are studying – we will not be your choice. But if you share the same feelings about the world of Hospitality, Tourism, Business and Languages and ready to drive deep inside – don´t doubt. Join us for the next intake!

4 Study Campus

The school has four campuses: one of them is located in Barcelona, the second one in Valencia and the third one in Madrid city centers and the last one is Online. Madrid is the city of business tourism and new trends, Barcelona is the city of technology and digital innovation, Valencia is the most popular tourist destination for youth and family tourism. Our online campus is open 24/7 is available for students all over the world allowing you to chose your own intensity of study and do paid internships worldwide.


HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism and Languages is a private educational institution accredited by Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia City Councils. We tightly collaborate with  NIC International College in Japan, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission for ERASMUS+ projects. We are a collaborating educational institution with a hotel’s guilds of Lloret de Mar, Blanes, Tossa.
Our school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the state institution of Spanish language for Foreigners as examination centers for SIELE exams. Our study plans include the Spanish language preparation module for DELE and SIELE exams of any of the 5 offered levels from A1 to C1.
HTL International School is a participant organization in the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission with PIC 907558482.



Our teachers, instructors, specialists, and assistants follow the Core Values of our Institution

Learning: we support student success, access to education, appropriate use of technology, development of literacy, communication, and exchange of ideas across disciplines and locations, exploration and application of new thought, and pursuit of lifelong learning

Discovery: through the pursuit of free inquiry we promote an enduring learning community

Engagement: we value ongoing cooperation with our partners in education, with communities in our region, and with colleagues throughout the world

Achievement: we believe in the potential of our learners and are committed to promoting the excellence and success of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni

Diversity: we value human diversity in all its dimensions and are committed to maintaining learning and working environments that are equitable, diverse, and inclusive

Celebration: we celebrate the achievements of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the communities we serve

Sustainability: we support a healthy sustainable environment through progressive operational practices and the promotion of environmental awareness

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In 2020 we have received students from 56 countries!
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