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A-level Diploma Programs

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A-level diploma programs

If you want to study one of our Bachelor’s degrees or Diploma programs, but you are not sure about following the studies in English or need more time to adapt to studying abroad, our A-level Diploma Programs are the right choice for you.

Both the A-Level in Hotel Management and A-Level in Business Administration can be done in 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months.

Each of the programs will include a Language part (where you will learn Spanish, French, or Russian), a Specialization part with all the subjects necessary to prepare you for Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Studies or Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Internship part where you can practice what you have learned

A-level in Hotel Management will open the doors for you to the Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Studies.

A-Level in Business Administration will help you to prepare for Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in International Business, or Bachelor in Business and Digital Marketing Management.

If during the studies you will understand that your chosen sphere is not what you wished for, you will be able to change the direction during your application for Bachelor’s degree. Thus, for example, if you did A-Level in Hotel Management you still can apply for Bachelor in International Business or Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Digital Marketing Management.

Also, after finishing A-Level Diploma programs you will be able to apply for our Diploma programs: Social Media Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Public Relations and Marketing Management, and others.

After doing Bachelor’s degree, you can proceed to a Master’s degree to finish your education. So you can start with A-Level in Hotel Management, go through Bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Tourism Studies, and finish it up with a Master’s in Hotel and Tourism Management or Master’s in Luxury Management.

A-level diploma programs