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Barcelona campus facilities

The city of Barcelona is laid out in a grand style and is the perfect place to study. With its privileged location between the Mediterranean coast and snowy mountains, and unrivaled facilities for tourism, sports, and outdoor activities, it is little wonder that so many of our students have chosen to move to Barcelona. Being located within the city center has enabled us to offer an extensive range of excellent facilities to create an educational process focused on personalized professional learning.

At HTL International School we can suggest you three modalities of study: Face-to-Face (in Barcelona campus), Virtual (connecting to classes from Valencia, Madrid, or any other city in Spain or worldwide), and Online (self-study on the online platform, available 24/7).

  • Face to Face modality is ideal for those, who don´t feel secure in the modern digital era.
  • Virtual modality gives you the possibility to be in any place you want and still be present in the class with the teacher and classmates.
  • Online modality is ideal for hard-working, self-disciplined people, who want to combine their studies with jobs or internships.

To study Face to Face you need to be on the Barcelona campus, but for Virtual and Online modalities there are no restrictions. 

Living in Barcelona

Barcelona is without a doubt one of the best cities in the world for students to live in.

Barcelona is a big beach city with a population of 1.6 million, situated smack in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and the sub-Pyrenees Mountains. With both water and mountains within walking distance or a short train ride away, the perfect location for all kind of tourism: summer vacations, winter sports, business meetings. It’s hard to find a reason to leave the region of Catalonia. In between the two natural wonders is a bustling international metropolis where locals and foreigners mix in a cosmopolitan culture.

Speaking of weather, Barcelona definitely has its four seasons: cool in the winter (average temperatures around 10ºC) and warm in the summer (30ºC). But moving from season to season is so slight and gradual that there is ample time to acclimate to new temperatures.

Public transport is very reasonably priced and perfect for getting around the city quickly and easily. A T-10 will get you 10 journeys on the metro or bus for €10. These can be used for multiple people as well – ideal for when mum and dad are visiting.

A T- Jove is a ticket for people under the age of 25. It’ll get you 90 days of unlimited journeys for €100.

Another option, if you have your NIE student card, is the Bicing card. This gets you the usage of the city’s biking system for €50 a year. Just hop on an hop off at your local Bicing station and each ride is free for 30 minutes.

Generally, to calculate the monthly cost that it takes to live in Barcelona these monthly expenses should be taken into account:

  • Accommodation from €250 to …
  • Food ranging from €250 to €350
  • Personal expenses between €160 to €220
  • Transport from €60 to €80

Barcelona school location

photo of campus in Barcelona
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