Valencia school facilities

Valencia is worth living in not only because of paella. This is the third large city in Spain and the main destination for both cultural and leisure tourism. Our campus is located in the plain city center, so you can combine all types of tourism with your studies.  

At HTL International School we have four great campuses: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Online. At the school, students can enjoy our large classrooms, free internet access, online learning facilities, computer labs for exam practice, libraries, and a communication skills room. Thanks to its location, the Valencia campus can provide you with many opportunities. From cultural attractions to the lazy days on the beach, which can be reached by a direct bus from school.

Living in Valencia

Valencia can be called a young city, not because of the lack of history but because of the big amount of students from all over the world coming to live and study in this beautiful sunny city.

In Valencia, you can find almost anything you want. From expensive luxury restaurants to small cafes and good-quality products on Markets. From museums and galleries to a wide range of nightlife attractions.  The prices differ as well.

  • Shared flat accommodation: 200 euros
  • Food ranging from 200 euro up to 700 euro (if you are dining in restaurants every day)
  • Personal expenses between 150 euro and 300 euro
  • Transport from 40 euro (with the monthly pass) up to 200 euro (if you are moving only on taxi)

Valencia school location

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