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3 years
Barcelona, Valencia
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Fees5700€ per year

with knowledge of Two Languages + In-company Internship

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HTL International School Bachelor Degree in Business Administration provides students with the knowledge and core business management skills they need to succeed in the global marketplace. You will study the whole degree in English. HTL International School Bachelor degree in Business Administration is divided into a 3 year programme:

  • During the first year, you will concentrate on the fundamentals of business, such as the basics of marketing, management, business economics and human resources. You will get theoretical bases of business that will help you to understand business practices in global contexts.
  • During the second year, you’ll receive a deeper knowledge in economics, international management, corporate finance, personal skills.
  • The third year will concentrate on strategies, consumer behavior and investments.

All foreign students have to do a Spanish language preparation module to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE Global, of the correspondent level A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1. HTL International School is an accredited DELE & SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes.

Intended learning outcomes:

  • employ theoretical and conceptual knowledge to identify and analyze business problems in global contexts
  • apply proven theoretical and conceptual  knowledge of global business challenges in multicultural contexts
  • communicate effectively in English in oral, written and electronic formats using communication and information technology for business applications, and is able to prepare and present reports
  • learn a second language and start to use it in a professional environment

This is a 100% on Campus program.

Campus location

Barcelona, Valencia


Instruction language: ENGLISH
Second language: SPANISH
for Foreigners,


3 academic years
Intakes: 1st Year: October, January, April
2nd and 3rd Years: October


Enrolment fee: 200 euros
Tuition fee: 5.500 euros/ year
or installment payments of
3.000 euros/ semester (only for non-visa students)

Program Details






Final Exams

To enrol in the Bachelor Degree, it is necessary:
1. to fulfill the online application form below
2. submit the requested documents:
– passport copy
– last studies transcript
– English level certificate, if anyIf  you don’t have any proof of your English level, we’ll send you the English level test to be completed online before the online application is done.

On successfully completing  this High Graduate Program of Study you will:
1. Be awarded the initial professional degree 

  • Associate Degree (60 credits)
  • Bachelor Degree (180 credits)
  • Master Degree (240 credits)
  • DELE or SIELE Global Diploma (Spanish Language for Foreigners official state diploma) or
  • French/Russian Language Level Certificate

2. The degree qualifies graduates to take over specialist and managerial positions in business industry as well as to pursue a Master’s degree course.

3. Have attained a high level qualification equated to the International studies framework as a  Bachelor Degree or Grado Propio according to the Spanish National framework.

Graduates can expect to find a job position as:

  • Marketing Director
  • Secretary General
  • Export Assistant
  • CEO
  • HR Coordinator
  • Export Assistant
  • Mobile Product Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • B2B Marketing Executive
  • Trader
  • Sales Consultant
  • Business Area Manager
  • Lead Planner
  • Account Manager
  • Acquisition Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Store manager
  • Analyst
  • Brand Manager

The HTL International School Bachelor in Business Administration program prepares you for a successful career in the national and international markets.
You will be positioned to interact in a global business environment and have the ability to include overseas study tours into your degree. Combine skills outside business management into your course and take electives from outside your main field of specialisation, including units from other Faculties – for example, language units. You will graduate with a strong expertise in general management, with the added ability to specialise in areas such as small business and entrepreneurship, human resources and international management. The program blends the on campus theory with the online study platform and in-company practical internship.

After the theoretical part of the courses is finished, all students are invited to do an internship. We recommend to join our internship for a minimum of 3 months. HTL International School has signed a huge variety of educational agreements with different hotel chains, companies and travel operators nationally, mainland and islands.  According to Spanish law, it is possible to do a part time (20 h/week) or full time (40 h/week) internship during the study period or after the theoretical part is finished. Normally, the companies provide some grant, its quantity depends on the company policy regarding the interns.  Some of the internship positions are published directly on our Internships&Jobs Portal. In case you have a company interested in you as an intern in Spain or abroad, please contact us to sign the internship agreement with your company.

  • Degree Thesis
  • Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
  • French/Russian language exam


Year I: 60 ECTS credits

Module I: Business English
Module II: Spanish I/French/Russian
Module III: Introduction to Macroeconomics
Module IV: Accounting I
Module V: Principles of Management
Module VI: Principles of Finance
Module VII: Marketing Management
Module VIII: Human Resources Management
Module XI: Problem Solving Management
Module X: Internship (optional)

Year II: 60 ECTS credits

Module I: Introduction to Microeconomics
Module II: Accounting II
Module III: International Business Management
Module IV: Corporation Finance
Module V: Marketing Research
Module VI: Organizational Behavior
Module VII: Business Communication Skills
Module VIII: Spanish II/French/Russian
Module IX: Business Spanish
Module X: Internship

Year III: 60 ECTS credits

Module I: Business Statistics
Module II: Computer-based Accounting
Module III: Strategic Management
Module IV: Security and Investment Analysis
Module V: Consumer Behavior
Module VI: Labor Relations
Module VII: Computer Skills
Module VIII: Spanish III/French/Russian
Module IX: Internship
Module X: Business Thesis

Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
French/Russian language exam


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