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Master in Sports Tourism Management and Organization
on Campus or Online + In-company Internship

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On-Campus version
This 1 academic year intensive training program is designed to produce professionals in the field of Sport Tourism Management and Organization. Sport and animation management in tourism is an industry, growing nowadays. It is a significant economic sector in the world and one where much of the activity can be classified as animation travel. Tourism is also a key source of business and opportunity for both animation and sports operators. Animation facilities, sporting events, and cultural festivals all attract tourists, as well as local residents and day visitors. In addition, the synergies between tourism, animation, and sport can be seen in the development of new products such as sports tourism. It is therefore important to understand the operation of animation and sport management in tourism and the opportunities it presents internationally, in order to better manage the businesses and to gain a competitive edge.

The main teaching language is English. This program will provide you theoretical, linguistic, and practical skills.

The study plan includes intensive foreign language study modules. Spanish is obligatory for non-Spanish speakers. If Spanish is your native language or you have a C1 level of it, you can choose to study French or Russian instead. After completion of the Language module, you have the possibility to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE, (or correspondent French or Russian state exams) of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels. HTL International School is an accredited SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes

The specialization modules, that go separately from the Language module, are focused on providing the special, based on real-life experience knowledge. That gives students the possibility to start working in the chosen sphere right after finishing the Master’s degree, without the necessity of getting special training additionally. The marks of the module will be given based on continuous evaluation and Final business project presentation.

After the theoretical modules are completed or simultaneously with it, all students have to complete an internship period in one of the companies in the sector in Spain or abroad.

Depending on the situation, and to provide each student a possibility to do the internship during the whole course, all classes might be done in a face to face manner or using the virtual classroom (streaming). This gives both to students and to teachers extra mobility, providing the opportunity to be in class no matter what happens in the world.

Students have the possibility to move between campuses or to change the modality of studies from on-campus to online after finishing one module and before starting the next one.

Online version
Program structure:

  • You will have the Access to the specialized online platform with all necessary study materials for all compulsory modules according to the study plan
  • All students have to do a foreign language preparation module: Spanish, French or Russian. It is also recommendable to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE Global, of the correspondent level A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1. HTL International School is an accredited SIELE examination centre of the Instituto Cervantes.
  • You will have 3 months for each module to prepare all required for the graduation tests and projects. All the exams and presentations are done online with no necessity of being presential in one of the campuses.
  • You will have the possibility to do an internship worldwide as an HTL student. The school will sign all necessary internship agreements. The internship can run simultaneously with your theoretical online studies. Once the internship is finished, it will be necessary to present the evaluation certificate to count it as a compulsory credit inside your transcript of studies.
  • You can change the study modality between Online and On campus trimestrally.

Campus location

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Online


Instruction language: ENGLISH
Foreign language to study:
SPANISH for Foreigners,


1 Academic Year Professional Program
Intakes: October, January, April, July
Timetable: mornings or evenings
Load hours: minimum of 72 ECTS


Enrolment fee: 200 euros
Tuition fee: 4.000 euros
or 2 installment payments of
2.250 euros (only for non-visa students)

Program Details



Career Paths



Final Exams

To enroll in the Master Degree, it is necessary:
1. to fill the online application form below
2. submit the requested documents:
– passport copy
– last studies transcript
– CV
– English level certificate, if any. If you don’t have any proof of your English level, you have to fill the online placement test to be completed online before the online application is done. The direct link is on the Admissions page.

On successfully completing this Professional Program of Study you will:
1. Be awarded the

  • Master Degree in Sports Tourism Management and Organization
  • DELE Diploma or SIELE Global (Spanish Language for Foreigners official diplomas) or
  • French/Russian Language Level Certificate

2. Have attained an accredited qualification for managerial and supervisory levels showing you possess competence in professional work activities.

3. Have attained a high-level qualification equated to the International studies framework as a Master Degree or Master Propio according to the Spanish National framework.

The Sports tourism management master degree will open you such important tourism categories as:

  • Animation centers
  • Entertainment and conference venues
  • Recreation centers, health clubs
  • Resorts, hotels, cinemas, theme parks
  • National and regional tourism organizations
  • Sporting organizations
  • Adventure tourism agencies

The types of positions that graduates may occupy include the following:

  • Sports Events Planner
  • Resort/Sports Club Manager
  • Animator in hotels, resorts, parks and recreation centers
  • Sports travel manager
  • Adventure tourism manager

The program aims for students to acquire the necessary knowledge to work in sport and animation fields in the tourism industry. The program focuses on a number of topics, including the people’s needs in sport and animation sphere, the role of leisure and sport in the commercial sector and the influence of the government to this field of tourism industry, the part of animation and sport in national and international tourism, its correlation with natural environment and industrial entertainment.
Upon completion of the program, students should also be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of basic concepts and trends of sports and animation field in the tourism industry.
  • Develop an understanding of demands in sport and animation products and services in a modern tourism market.
  • Aquire the main skills for successful sport and animation management.
  • Gain the knowledge of planning, programming and financial management of sport and animation organizations.

The program blends the on-campus theory with the online study platform and in-company practical internship.

After the theoretical part of the courses is finished, all students are invited to do an internship. We recommend joining our internship for a minimum of 3 months. HTL International School has signed a huge variety of educational agreements with different hotel chains, companies, and travel operators nationally, mainland and islands.  According to Spanish law, it is possible to do a part-time (20 h/week) or full time (40 h/week) internship during the study period or after the theoretical part is finished. Normally, the companies provide some grant, its quantity depends on the company policy regarding the interns.  Some of the internship positions are published directly on our Internships&Jobs Portal. In case you have a company interested in you as an intern in Spain or abroad, please contact us to sign the internship agreement with your company.

  • Final Project
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
  • French/Russian language exam


Module I: Sport & Animation management concept and trends

  • Key definitions and principals
  • People´s need and demands
  • General  trends, demographic and socio-economic trends
  • The commercial  sector
  • Government and Sport & Animation
  • Benefits of volunteering and problems for volunteers in Sport & Animation

Module II. Sport & Animation products and services

  • Sports recreation and  international tourism
  • Sport & animation in a natural environment
  • Arts, sport and play service for children

Module III. Adventure tourism organization

  • Adventure tours planning, structure, pricing
  • Sport´s event organization
  • Water and surface water sports organization (Sailing, Yacht racing, boat racing, scuba diving, water polo, etc)
  • Land sports organization (football, tennis, golf, MotoGP, Formula 1, etc)
  • Mountain sports organization (climbing, hiking, mountain biking, hang gliding, trekking, etc)
  • Summer sports (athletics, beach volleyball, handball, gymnastics, etc)
  • Winter sports (skiing, biathlon, figure skating, ice hockey, etc)
  • Major competition organization (Olympic games, World championship, etc)
  • Family adventure tourism organization ( safari trips, camping, rafting, etc)

Module IV. Techniques for Sport & Animation management

  • Human Resources in Sport& Animation
  • Planning for Sport & Animation
  • Marketing of Sport & Animation
  • Quality and performance management
  • Financial management
  • Law and Sport & Animation  management
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship in Sport & Animation

Module V. Strategic Marketing

  • Essence of Marketing
  • The strategic marketing planning process
  • Mission, value strategies, and market definition
  • Internal analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Industry analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Corporate objectives and corporate strategies
  • Marketing objectives and marketing strategies
  • Product, price, place
  • Marketing communication
  • Organization and implementation of marketing

Module VI. Foreign Language Intensive Course (Spanish, French or Russian)

  • Official DIELE/SIELE exam of Spanish for Foreigners preparation module
  • General French or Russian Language test according to the initial entrance level

Module VII. Spanish/French/Russian Language for the Tourism Sector Module

Module VIII. Final Project
·         Project design
·         Research tools
·         Personal reflection
·         Appropriate questionnaire designs
·         Conducting academic research, literature search, and review
·         Developing a research question, hypothesis and methodology
·         Managing a research project

Module IX: Internship


  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
  • French/Russian language exam

*One academic hour: 45 minutes



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