Instalaciones de la escuela en Madrid

Madrid is a modern metropolitan city. Being not only the capital of Spain but also its economic and industrial center it is a great place to start your carrier. Coming to study in Madrid will make a great investment in your future. Apart from studying from professionals, you will be able to start your internship in Spanish as well as international companies.

At HTL International School we have four great campuses: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Online. At the school, students can enjoy cozy classrooms, free internet access, online learning facilities, libraries, and a communication skills room. In addition, the Madrid campus is surrounded by a huge number of sightseeing spots, restaurants, sporting facilities, transport network, museums, theatres, and shopping streets.

Viviendo en Madrid

Madrid is an alive and active city. The weather varies a lot depending on the season, from hot and dry in the summer, (about 29C), to cold and with some rain in the winter (about 4C)

Madrid´s system of public transport is known as one of the best in the world. All the parts of the city are well connected and you can get from one place to another in less than 45 minutes, no matter how far they are. The prices start from 1,50 euro for a one-way ticket to 54 euros for a monthly pass.

The price of living is quite cheap, compared to the other European cities. Generally calculating, your monthly costs will be as follows:

  • Accommodation from €300 to …
  • Food ranging from €200 to €500
  • Personal expenses between €200 to €300
  • Transport from €55 to €80

Alojamiento en Madrid

The schools’ collaborating university residences are 15 min walking from the school in the city center. The residence has an array of different individual rooms. The residence is equipped with a kitchen, heating, 24h internet access. Our collaborating university residencies are:

To find a shared flat accommodation or an individual flat, consult the student renting agencies we collaborate with:

For short periods, we recommend to stay in the following student hostel which is a 15 min walk from the school:

Ubicación de la escuela en Madrid

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