Programas de Diplomas

Matrícula Online está abierta todo el año

For those, who are interested in working with people, we are glad to offer our Diploma programs. Diploma in human resources management or Public relations management will make you a great specialist in these spheres. If you want to stick to the Tourism industry, you can choose from our Front office operation or Food and beverage service diploma programs.

Each of our diplomas (human resources, public relations, front office and food and beverage service) is for six months, including the theoretical part and a real life experience, which you can get during your internship.

Depending on if you want to dedicate more time to your internship, or to socialize with international students in class, we can offer two modalities of the course to you: on campus or online. You can come to classes, meeting new friends, or study at your own pace with our innovative online study platform.  No matter which modality you choose, you will get a high level of knowledge, necessary to start your career. 

Our PR and HR diploma courses include an obligatory Language module (Spanish language is usually the first choice for international students).

After finishing the theoretical part and the internship you will receive your diploma in HR management, PR management, Front office operation management or Food and beverage service, and you’ll be ready to start to go up the career ladder.

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