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Master degrees Programs in English

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Business, Marketing and Hospitality are one of the most powerful industries nowadays. Master in Hotel and Tourism Management shows high demand in the educational market. We consider that not only what you study is important, but the country where you do your master’s is also important. The Hotel and Tourism industry is growing in Spain in general and in Barcelona Madrid, and Valencia in particular. That is why, when coming to Spain to study, you will not only get theoretical knowledge but also real-life experience thanks to your internship.

Each of our programs consists of three trimesters: Languages trimester (Spanish is the first choice for international students, French or Russian); Specialization trimester, depending on your master’s: hotel and tourism management, events management, tour guiding, digital marketing, legal cannabis tourism management, etc. and the Internship trimester.

Each program is for one academic year.

You can do your internship anywhere in Spain, or even in other countries around the world if you prefer. Our collaboration with wide hotel chains leaves no one without real-life experience. Especially for those, who prefer to do the internship far away, we have two modalities of our master’s: on-campus or online. So it is for you to choose, whether you want to have a strict timetable and great classmates from all over the world or to study at your own pace with our innovative online study platform.

Our teachers are great professionals and have many years of experience in the industry. So, regardless of if you choose the master’s in hotel and tourism management, events management, digital marketing, legal cannabis tourism management, or any other of our master’s, you will receive a high-quality education and personal treatment from our educational team.

Apart from our well-known masters: in hotel management, events management, tour guiding, restaurant management we suggest that you delve deeper into this great industry and study luxury tourism management or sports tourism management. This will make your future career path even wider.

Don’t miss your chance to change your life for the best. Come to Spain to study!