Admissions is open all year round

Enrolment requirements

The admission process is open all year round. However, the number of places are limited, so we recommend you to start an application process as soon as possible. These programs are opened to all nationalities.

Application documents for the Diploma and Bachelor Degrees:

  • ID or passport copy
  • school/high school attendance certificate
  • English level certificate (If you haven’t got one, you’ll be asked to take an online English placement test)
  • photo (passport size) for the student ID

Application documents for Master Programs:

  • ID or passport copy
  • Last academic transcripts
  • English Level certificate. Applicants will be required to prove their knowledge of English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages or with submission of results from an internationally recognized English test (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS 5.5). If you haven’t got a certificate, you’ll be asked to take an online English placement test. If your English language level is not sufficient, we recommend you to enroll on an  intensive English language course in our school.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • photo (passport size) for the student ID
  • Other relevant documents (such as  Reference letters, Foreign languages certificates, etc

Application procedure and Payment details

  1. The application for the program must be done through an online application form located in the program webpage. It is requested to submit academic/professional documents necessary to evaluate your profile.
  2. The application process is running all year round. The application deadline is 30 working dates before the first class day of the chosen intake.
  3. It takes a maximum of 30 days to study your admission application. If accepted, the school will send you via email the official acceptance letter and the correspondent invoice. In case the applicants’ profile doesn’t match the minimum requirements, the school will inform by email that the application was desistimated. In case there isn’t any free place in the selected by the student intake, the school will offer the possibility to join the nearest intake.
  4. The payment deadline is 30 working dates prior the program starting date. The payment can be done through bank transfer, by credit card or directly at school. The installments payment is allowed only for EU citizens or all those students who doesn’t need to apply for the fist study visa nor the residence extension.
  5. Once the payment is received, the school issues the final admission certificate and other supporting documents that can be sent by urgent DHL post. 

Student Visa (Study residence card)

Non-UE citizens need to apply for a Spanish Long duration Student Visa. Once the application process is finished, we’ll send you an admission certificate in order for you to apply for a Spanish Study Visa in the Spanish consulate in your country.

Transfer Credits/Students

Students with a previous Business or Tourism Degree o any other tourism related studies will qualify to transfer credits after case by case evaluation from our academic team.

Academic calendar 2019

Holidays 2018

Holidays 2019

Academic calendar 2019

Bachelor Degree 8th January 1st April 1st July 1st October
Master Programs 8th January 1st April 1st July 1st October
Diploma Programs 8th January 1st April   1st October
Short internship programs all year round

Holidays 2018

Easter holidays: 26th March 2018 – 8th April 2018
Summer holidays: 17th September 2018 – 28th September 2018
Christmas holidays: 22nd December 2018 – 7th January 2019

Holidays 2019

Easter holidays: 15th April 2019 – 26th April 2019
Summer holidays: 16th September 2019 – 27th September 2019
Christmas holidays: 23rd December 2019 – 7th January 2020

Fees 2019 intakes

Fees 2019 intakes

Enrolment fee: 200 Euros
Tuition fees: are common for all nationalities

  Full payment Installments payment
(only non-visa students)
Bachelor Degrees 5.500 Euros 3.000 Euros / 2 installments
Master Degrees 4.000 Euros 2.250 Euros / 2 installments
Diploma programs 2.500 Euros
Short Internship programs 2.500 Euros


The schools offers different accommodation types: university residences, shared flats or individual apartments.
You can find the direct links on campus Barcelona and campus Valencia
Visa students: the school provides a paid accommodation confirmation service for visa needs to be presented in the Spanish consulate applying for the long duration study visa. This service costs 250 euros.

Medical insurance

Our school provides a full medical insurance that includes all necessary services: urgencies, diagnostics, analysis, medical visits, surgery, hospitalization, repatriation insurance policy. The full student medical insurance costs 800 euros/academic year.

Studies in business management, hospitality and tourism in Barcelona, Valencia and Lloret de Mar