Recepcionist - Administrative Internship

10 Jan 2023

Recepcionist – Administrative Internship, Bilbao

Company description:
Our collaborator is a modern language school with many different locations in Spain. They teach English in a modern, interesting, and interactive way. The school prefers a conversational environment, in which the students learn how to use their new skills in actual conversations. The team is now looking for an intern to teach English to the adults in their schools located in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao.

The first impression that students and visitors have when they walk into the academy is made by the person at reception.

If a potential student visits to ask for information, the receptionist will take their details, inform them about the visit and make them feel comfortable while they wait.

Receptionists respond to many of the queries and requests students make about their course.

And they also take care of a number of administrative duties in the center.

Receptionist duties:

* customer services

* assist students

* assist centre director and head of studies

* answering the phone & calls

* socialize with students and visits (always in english)

* sales administrative tasks

* CRM duties

Minimum 4 months internship.

Benefits/Conditions: 300€/month, 20 hrs per week, from 10 to 14 hrs or 17 to 21 hrs

Two profiles are needed – one for AM and the other one for the PM schedule

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