F&B (RESTAURANT) TRAINEE, Hilton Garden Hotel, Seville

F&B (RESTAURANT) TRAINEE, Hilton Garden Hotel

26 Aug 2023

F&B (RESTAURANT) TRAINEE, Hilton Garden Hotel, Seville

– Characterization of the types of services offered by the company in the department.
– Management of the supply, distribution and storage and/or conservation of raw materials in the preparation and service areas, following the established protocols.
– Performing and controlling the set-up and assembly operations of the production and service areas.
– Performing service operations and customer service in its various areas and phases, recognizing and applying the techniques and following the established rules.
– Preparation of drinks, cocktails, and mixed drinks, identification and application of preparation, presentation, and decoration techniques, according to established protocols.
– Execution of the collection and invoicing procedures of the services performed, following the guidelines set by the company and using efficiently the existing means and resources for this purpose.
– Active participation in the tasks of planning and organization of the service.
– Establishment and application of protocol elements in services and events.
– Communication to customers with the required information, application of different communication techniques, and social skills.
– Identification of work procedures in the development of the provision of a particular service.

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