Interior designer salesman, Portobello Street, Madrid - HTL International School in Barcelona, Spain

Interior designer salesman, Portobello Street

13 Sep 2023

Interior designer salesman, Portobello Street, Madrid

We are currently seeking enthusiastic sales and interior design students who are eager to learn and train alongside our team. As part of this opportunity, you will have the chance to participate in the entire process of real projects, ranging from initial design concepts to project execution.

Joining means embarking on a unique journey. You will be surrounded by a highly creative team and immerse yourself in a global and inclusive culture that fosters the discovery of your full potential. This experience will equip you with the essential skills needed for personal and professional growth, both now and in the future.

Fluency in at least two languages, specifically Spanish and English, is a prerequisite for this role. Additionally, proficiency in programs such as SketchUp and AutoCAD is considered a valuable asset.