Onsite Course
6 months
Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Online
18 Students Enrolled
Fees2700 €

Wedding Planning Diploma
On-Campus or Online + In-company Internship

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If you are excellent at and enjoy planning big parties, like working with people, and are skilled at networking and negotiating, consider becoming a wedding planner. People who work in this field are also known as a wedding or bridal consultants. Many are self-employed, but others work for wedding or event planning companies. A wedding planner finds venues and vendors including invitation designers and printers, DJs, bands, photographers, and caterers, and negotiates contracts on behalf of the bride and groom. He or she deals with any difficulties that occur before, during, and after the event, making sure things go smoothly. Excellent organizational and time management skills are also a must. Running your own wedding planning business requires you to be adept at handling finances and promoting your business. Expertise in color, music, and flowers are needed as well. Plan to spend a lot of time reading the current bridal magazines, of which there are many, to keep up with the latest trends. Knowledge of religions is also imperative since a wedding ceremony is often a religious one. Related to this is a knowledge of customs and traditions, which are also part of many wedding ceremonies.

On-Campus version

This 6-month intensive training program is designed to produce professionals in the field of Wedding Planning. The main teaching language is English. The study plan includes an intensive module to study a foreign language to choose between Spanish for foreigners, French or Russian and specialization subjects taught in the English language. The theoretic part takes place in our school located in Barcelona or in Valencia. After the theoretic modules are completed or simultaneously with it, all students have the option to complete an internship period in one of our collaborating companies. This program is a perfect choice for those who want to enter the Bachelor degree without exams in our school.
This program will provide you theoretic, linguistic and practical skills.
This training has been specially devised to teach you all the information and skills you need to become a successful wedding planner. Instruction is in the form of lectures, seminars, workshops, virtual classrooms, case studies, and individual assignments. The examination is in the form of written exams and individual and group assignments and workshop exercises.
All foreign students have to do a Spanish language preparation module to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE, of the correspondent  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 levels.  HTL International School is an accredited SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes.


Online version
Program structure:

  • You will have the Access to the specialized online platform for a period of 6 months with all necessary study materials for all compulsory modules according to the study plan
  • All foreign students have to do a Spanish language preparation module to take one of the official state exams of Spanish for Foreigners, DELE or SIELE Global, of the correspondent level A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1. HTL International School is an accredited SIELE examination center of the Instituto Cervantes.
  • You will have 9 months per academic year to prepare all required for the graduation tests and exams. The exams can be done online or personally at school in Barcelona or Valencia.
  • You will have the possibility to do internship worldwide as HTL student. The school will sign all necessary internship agreements. The internship can run all year round simultaneously with your theoretical online studies. Once the internship is finished, it will be necessary to present the evaluation certificate to count it as a compulsory credit inside your transcript of studies.


Campus location

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Online


Instruction language: ENGLISH
Second language: SPANISH
for Foreigners,


3 months theoretical studies
3 months internship
Intakes: October and April
Timetable: mornings or evenings
Load hours: 48 ECTS


Enrolment fee: 200 euros
Tuition fees: 2.500 euros

Program Details






Final Exams

To enrol in the Diploma Program, it is necessary:
1. to fulfill the online application form below
2. submit the requested documents:
– passport copy
– last studies transcript
– CV
– English level certificate, if any.

On successfully completing  this High Graduate Program of Study you will:
1. Be awarded the HTL Hospitality, Tourism & Languages School Diploma on Wedding Planning Diploma + Official Spanish Language DELE or SIELE Global certificate

2. Have attained an accredited qualification for supervisory levels showing you possess competence in professional work activities.

3. Have attained a professional qualification equated to the International studies framework as a Diploma Course.

You could start as an administrator or assistant for an event management company and work your way up, or work at a wedding venue as an in-house wedding co-ordinator.

The Diploma in Wedding Planning is a presential or online course that will show you not only how to plan beautiful weddings, but will teach you all the skills required to have a successful career as a wedding planner.
The Diploma in Wedding Planning curriculum links theory with practice in order to develop core competencies and the business acumen of a Certified Wedding Planner Professional. The program consists of 3 Modules, practical and theoretical.
The program blends the on-campus theory with the online study platform and in-company practical internship.

After the theoretical part of the courses is finished, all students are invited to do an internship. We recommend joining our internship for a minimum of 3 months. HTL International School has signed a huge variety of educational agreements with different hotel chains, companies, and travel operators nationally, mainland and islands.  According to Spanish law, it is possible to do a part-time (20 h/week) or full time (40 h/week) internship during the study period or after the theoretical part is finished. Normally, the companies provide some grant, its quantity depends on the company policy regarding the interns.  Some of the internship positions are published directly on our Internships&Jobs Portal. In case you have a company interested in you as an intern in Spain or abroad, please contact us to sign the internship agreement with your company.

  • Degree Project
  • Official Exam of Spanish Language for Foreigners DELE or SIELE
  • French/Russian language exam


Module I. Spanish/Russian/French Language Intensive Course 
– Official DELE/SIELE exam of Spanish for Foreigners preparation module
– General French or Russian Language according to the initial entrance level

Module II: Wedding Planning

  1. Role of wedding Consultant
  2. Weddings and culture
  3. Tourism and destination weddings
  4. Weddings budget planning
  5. Wedding timelines
  6. Food, Beverage and the wedding cake
  7. The Ceremony (Décor and Etiquette)
  8. Photography and Videography
  9. Music and entertainment
  10. Wedding day details
  11. Marketing strategy
  12. Stress Management and Career Enrichment

Module III: Internship (mínimum 240 h)

*One academic hour: 45 minutes



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