Bachelor degrees in Tourism, Marketing and Business, Barcelona, Spain

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Nowadays, the sphere of both Hospitality Management and Business administration is growing at a rapid rate. The need for specialists is growing more and more every day. Every good specialist starts with a good education. Our Bachelor’s degrees are the base that you need to start your career in the sphere.

It may be difficult to choose your future profession from the start. So you can start with any Bachelor’s degree, in Business, Hotel and Tourism, or Business and Digital Marketing to try it out. Finishing your second year you will be able to make the final decision.

Each of our bachelor’s degree programs, bachelor of hotel and tourism studies, bachelor of business and digital marketing, bachelor of business administration, and bachelor of international business, consist of three trimesters. They are the languages trimester (Spanish is the first choice for international students, French or Russian for Spanish-speaking students); specialization trimester, depending on the program of your bachelor: hotel and tourism studies, information technologies, international business; and an internship trimester. Following this scheme, you will be able to receive the high-quality knowledge necessary to work successfully in an international environment.

The program is for three academic years.

Depending on whether you prefer to socialize with people from all over the world or study at your own pace, we have two program modalities. You can study on campus attend our school every day, or online connecting to the study platform whenever it is easier for you. This modality gives you the opportunity to learn from a real-life experience, doing the internship at the same time as your studies.

If you decide to continue with your studies, there is a wide choice of Masters after finishing your bachelor’s: master in hotel and tourism management, tour guiding, events management, digital marketing, restaurant management, MBA, luxury tourism management, or sports tourism management.